What is 3D All About? - ZBrush - Maya - Keyshot

In this short informational course we will look at 3D in production and what it is all about! Using Zbrush, Maya and Keyshot.

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During this course we will be jumping into May, ZBrush, Keyshot and Photoshop this is NOT a training course more of an informational guide on whats involved as not to bog or clog your brain up I have left lots of areas out, however I do drill in how important it is not to be fixed to one Software package but rather to explore other options, like everything in life knowledge and understanding is power! After this short course I hope you will check out my other courses and begin the process of learning and developing your skills.

In this short course I will shed some light on 3D and what you should expect if your going to do this professionally, It is important to understand that using one piece of software will not always be the case you need to know and understand other creative packages as well.

It is especially useful as even if you do end up working say in just Maya, then to make the next person in the pipelines work easier you should make sure you have set it up for him or her to easily be ble to carry on and not be hindered by you only doing what you need to. To be able to do this you should have a working knowledge of everything in the pipeline, multi disciplined 3D artist are more highly sort after as your role or roles are likely to be changed or added to.

Knowing that 3D applications play together well is an important aspect of 3D as mentioned in the promo for this short course.
I hope this helps and inspires you to create amazing models and animations!
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Course Curriculum

What we will look at over the next few lectures
One purpose for one thing and another for something else!
How do I texture and what is UVs?
How can I get my model to move?
How do I produce and image and whats it all about?
Final thought

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